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A guardianship is the appointment by the Arizona Superior court of an individual or entity to provide health care and to make medical decisions for a minor or an incapacitated adult. Generally, the individual is an adult who cannot make or communicate reasonable decisions for themselves to protect their own welfare because of some mental or physical condition, or because the
ward is a minor. 
A conservatorship is a court appointment by the Arizona Superior court of an individual to manage the financial affairs of a minor or an incapacitated adult who is unable to manage his or her own property or financial matters. 
Arizona Conservatorship Accounting Consulting and Assistance-
Camelback Fiduciary can assist you with how to set up the finances of an Arizona Conservatorship, explain court forms, discuss other documents required when filing annual accountings and assist you with the entire accounting process. The attached PowerPoint presentation might help answer some questions you may have and please call with questions or further assistance.
Personal Representative (Executor of Decedent's Estate)-
A Personal Representative is either nominated by an individual's will or appointed by the Arizona Superior Court to settle a decedent's estate. 
A Trustee is either nominated by the Grantor or appointed by the Arizona Superior Court to Administer a Trust, Special Needs Trust or
a contested Trust. 
Durable and/or Medical Power of Attorney-
A durable power attorney is named by and individual to act on their behalf regarding financial decisions and transactions. A medical power of attorney is named to make care and medical decisions. 
Care Management-
Initial assessment of the care needs of an individual, refer and work with medical professionals, health care providers and long term placement.
From estate planning review to conservatorship accounting assistance or care management to placement, we can assist you with your questions and design a plan to help you with all your needs. 
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